Some basic information about HDMI Splitter you should know

If you’re looking for a way to share your video and audio signals, an HDMI splitter may be the right solution for your needs. These boxes can help you connect multiple displays with just one cable. They also have the advantage of supporting 4K 30Hz resolution and immersive 3D content.

Active HDMI splitters are better than passive ones

The first thing to consider is the signal. While passive HDMI splitters will split the signal, active ones send the signal to each connected device. In some cases, an active HDMI splitter will be better. The main difference between passive and active HDMI splitters is their power requirements. Passive models do not require external power sources. They are good for short distances and are not ideal for longer runs.

They support 4K 30hz resolution

HDMI splitters are devices that allow you to share a single HDMI source with two HDMI displays. They are great for home theaters, conference rooms, and trade shows. They are easy to use and reliable. Moreover, they support up to 4K 30Hz resolution, so you can enjoy movies and games in 4K at high-definition quality.

They support immersive 3D content

HDMI splitters can be used for a variety of purposes, including sending a signal from one display to multiple other devices. They can also reduce wire clutter and can support up to five input devices. Some HDMI splitters support immersive 3D content and are compatible with 1080p and 4K resolutions.

They have a single input

HDMI splitters are devices that allow you to connect more than one HDMI device to a single cable. The HDMI splitter splits the signal into multiple streams and can support a variety of video and audio formats. A single HDMI splitter can be used with most devices, but you can find models that are able to connect to up to five devices. Not only does this simplify the setup of multiple devices, but it also helps you to reduce the wire clutter around your home.

They are compatible with ARC

When purchasing an HDMI splitter, make sure to choose one that supports ARC. A 1×4 splitter that supports ARC will allow you to pass audio from the TV to the speakers. HDMI splitters that do not support ARC will only pass video from the receiver to the other displays. ARC does not work with HDMI over Ethernet.

They bypass HDCP

Many HDMI splitters bypass HDCP and allow the signal to travel freely between connected devices. HDCP is a measure to prevent illegal duplication and recording of video. It does this by encrypting the signal, making it unwatchable when the signal is split. It also makes it impossible to record the content that has been split without the permission of the content owner. Fortunately, there are solutions to this problem.

They are compatible with FLEX EXTREME cables

HDMI splitters can do HDMI duplicator and HDMI splitter extended display and are perfect for digital signage, boardrooms, classrooms, and other large spaces. These products also allow you to mirror sports or gaming footage across multiple screens. And because they are expandable, you can add more receivers to the mix. Some models can support as many as ten displays.